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Author of The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun Series and Snailsworth, a slow little story.

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Jump Into A Creative Writing Workshop!

At any time, at any stage of life... can jump right into one of Tina's workshops. Tina offers a unique series of lessons with constructive, personalized, real-world feedback on each assignment.

The three workshops are designed for...

...writers of all ages and life experience, from youth to adult. Tina also works with established writing groups.

Tina uses methods that...

  • Pull ideas from those who have done little or no creative writing

  • Refresh the creative approach of seasoned writers

  • Allow for class interaction in a safe, constructive environment

The Curriculum Is...

  • Engaging

  • Interesting

  • Informative

  • Developmental and

  • FUN!

The Process

  • Four-week workshops begin the first week of each month.

  • Lessons are posted in a Yahoo group.

  • Participants are added to their selected workshop upon enrollment and given access to the group.

  • Constructive feedback is given by the other participants (if desired).

  • Tina gives detailed, developmental feedback to each individual based on their assignments

    • She prefers that participants begin with Level One so that she can get to know each individual's level and style of working as lessons progress.

  • Enrollment in each workshop is limited to 10 participants, with a minimum of 5 to begin a workshop.  

  • In addition to individual feedback, links pertaining to writers will be provided. 

  • If private instruction is preferred, please contact TinaE-mail verification will be required. Apologies in advance for this inconvenience.  


Coming Soon: The Creative Writer's (Kick-Butt) Workbook:
Using Amazing Stories from Your Own Life

by Tina Field Howe


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